Today Management Inc.

Atlanta, Georgia 2 comments

DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.They are definitely very rude, unprofessional, ignore resident complaints, slow to respond to resident complaints, do not maintain properties correctly, they have inexperienced maintenance company CCI working for them, CCI does more damage than fixing anything.

I had to file a complaint with the BBB. It's at your own risk if you do any business with this company at all. I guarantee you will not be happy with the outcome. Also, do not purchase a property in any community they manage.

Our property is a mess and we pay over $300 per month for COA and nothing gets done at all. There are serious, serious problems with this company and how they operate. I have requested information on how the COA funds are spent and have not gotten a reply. I have request information on what improper work CCI did in my unit and I have gotten no reply.

I have asked for information on the master insurance policy and to date I still have not gotten any reply. When they don't want to deal with you, they block your email messages so you cannot contact them via email. They only contact you when they want your money and threaten to put liens on your property for small COA amounts owed. I have been considering moving.

Currently, there are people trying to move out of my community left and right. There are 10 properties on the market that have not sold. Only 2 sold last year. The property values are worthless.

With two properties selling for approximately $60,000 and they are still on the market.

The board members at my property are busy nit picking and harrassing residents for petty stuff instead of properly handling community business.Oh, I wish I had never moved here.



Do not hire this company to manage your community!What they propose verses what they deliver are not the same.

They have kickback arrangements with maintenance vendors. Even though their contract says otherwise. If you do expect to get terrible, rude service, if they respond at all. Your fees will increase.

Your uncollected dues will go up. Your cash will go down. You books will be ruined. BEWARE!!

There are reputable managment firms out there.This is not one of them!


Today's Management in Alpharetta GA are thieves who justify their paychecks by twisting HOA rules into their own interpretations, send out letters of violations to the homeowners like candy all in hopes that you WILL NOT answer their letter so they can collect a $20 penalty!!It's all a GAME to them......all of the rude behavior, unprofessionalism, bad communication is on PURPOSE, it's all a part of their game to extort money from honest hard working Americans to justify their own paychecks!!

PLEASE, if you are a neighborhood looking to hire a management company, know that my neighbors ALL KNOW WE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE in hiring this company!!! My household have never had to pay the $20, so I am not directly connected to any ill feelings about the company and my opinion comes honestly through neighbors who are upset in my neighborhood AND from a Dale Russell investigation where he found Today's Management in Alpheretta having BOGUS charges on their contracts with persons who purchased forelcosed properties in GA!!

I haven't heard anything else about the fraud, so anyone interested should definitely contact Dale Russell with the local news and ask what the status is on that case AND (as always) check with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU on Today's Management status, because I'll bet it's horrible right down to them having no soul what so ever!!Let the reader be-ware!!

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